If you have extra cash that you don’t need for immediate expenses, you owe it to your(future)self to consider investing. We are living in bountiful times with all the available brokerage accounts that offer low (or no) account minimums along with fractional-share investing and $0 trading fees. Investing as little as $1 is possible, so why not put some of your extra cash to work for you? Investing doesn’t have to be scary, and I’d love to discuss any investing topic you might be wondering about. Of course I’m not your financial advisor, so you should carefully consider your personal situation prior to diving in.

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Say it with me: Facebook is not a public space. Facebook is not a public space. Facebook is not a public space…

There can not be infringement on free speech when Facebook/Twitter/etc. remove your posts from their platforms, because they are private companies offering private services. When they determine something is not fit for their platform, they have every right to remove it. Think of it like a shopping mall: if you go into a mall and start yelling “Fuck you!” to everyone you pass, the mall owners can throw you out because it is their privately owned space, not public space. They are not limiting your right to free speech.

There can be an argument made that these platforms are “essentially the same” as public space, or that they serve the same purpose given how many people use them, but the fact remains they are still private.